लचीला शैक्षणिक पाठ्यक्रम: प्रथम राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन
    Flexible Academic Program: 1st National Conference

Targeted skills at each exit point of FAP

Exit Point



1st Yr

Relevant theory with small electrical/electronic/ digital circuits fabrication on PCB. Basic PC/Web tools and programming. Professional Letter writing.

Knowledge in Computer Basics including unix commands, softwares and hardwares, basic programming skills, realize the networking aspects of computers and can manage the IT infrastructure of any organization. small-scale innovative IT-Enabled electronic products, IoTs and small-embedded products. good communication skills

2nd Yr

Relevant theory with circuit design and fabrication for wider applications. PC/Mobile assembling and troubleshooting.

Strong foundations in Information Technology in terms of object oriented programming, complexity analysis, operating system, computer and communication networks. manage the databases for the organizations. front-end and back-end solutions by integrating with databases. Start any digital marketing industry.

3rd Yr

Relevant Theory with SMT fabrication. RF and communication based systems design and testing. Managerial skills.

Good hands-on experience with full stack development and will be able to develop the full fledged projects of webservices. solutions for real-world problems using AI and ML tools for different data, including Images.

4th Yr

Two specialized domain training with relevant in depth theory, planning and building big implementation projects. Entrepreneurship, Banking, etc.

Develop efficient IT solutions for real-world applications. The certification course in 4th year can be in a specialization such as (AI&ML, Cybersecurity, Data Science, etc.) based on the elective courses that specialization

5th Yr

Research Methodology, up to date research and development status of a narrower specialization, Research paper writing skills.

6th Yr

Research problem formulation skills in the chosen narrower specialized field and relevant software/hardware tools used in the research, research projects writing

7th Yr

Critical Research, Reviewing the peer’s research works, Sharpened experimental and Analytical skills in the chosen field of research.

8th Yr

Reputed Journal Paper Publications, Patent Filing, Thesis Writing, Consultancy projects.

Detailed targeted life skills planned to be introduced through the miscellaneous basket in the curriculum for FAP in IT and FAP in ECE will be discussed in the Panel-4