लचीला शैक्षणिक पाठ्यक्रम: प्रथम राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन
    Flexible Academic Program: 1st National Conference

Full FAP in Pilot Run

Offered specializations:

8-Yr Flexible Academic Program (FAP) in IT

8-Yr Flexible Academic Program (FAP) in ECE

The VI should may intake 150 students in each of the above 2 specialization i.e. total 300 students may be admitted through JEE Mains.

At any point of time the IITs (and other institutes too) may define additional eligibility conditions for getting VISA, e.g. Only those students will get VISAs to IITs who have scored above a threshold in the JEE Advance of respective batch (e.g. not below 1000 lower than the last admission). May allow entry to a student who has completed all previous courses from a INI or those institutes which are under 100 NIRF ranking, etc.

The respective PI will either grade the students as per VIs standard norms Or as per its own norms, the VI will suitably map these grades to a uniform VI grades through suitable conversion formula. (Something equivalent to the Currency Conversion Concept)