लचीला शैक्षणिक पाठ्यक्रम: प्रथम राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन
    Flexible Academic Program: 1st National Conference


1) The FAP concept was presented in the Webinars organized for Directors and teachers of IIITs on 5th September, and of NITs on 17th Sept, and of IITs on 20th Sept in the year 2020. The FAP was modified as per the responses received.

2) The FAP concept was further solidified by IIITA  Prayagraj through organizing a Panel Discussion of renowned experts on 9th Feb 2021, and getting it reviewed by a committee of experts.

3) IIITA, Prayagraj drafted the FAP ordinance, and its Senate appreciated the FAP concept and authorized Prof. Neetesh Purohit to take it forward on 7th June 2021. Request letters for joining the FAP Consortium was issued on 27th June 2021 to all Institute of National Importance.

4) Prof. Neetesh Purohit visited Delhi on 21st and 22nd July 2021; larger discussions were held with various office bearers of AICTE and AIU. The concept of creating 3 FAP bubbles: (a) All Institutes of national importance (IITs, IIITs and NITs); (b) All AICTE governed institutes (State Technical universities, Deemed technical universities etc.); (c) All non technical universities, was emerged. These FAPs will have 3 independent consortiums but a few interconnecting pathways should be defined.

5) On Aug 8th 2021, Online brainstorming was conducted, Director IIITA Prayagraj, Director IIT Bhubaneshwar along with Prof. Behera, Director IIIT Pune, Director IIIT Bhagalpur, Director IIIT Sricity, Prof. Kanchan and Prof Rintu from IIT Kharagpur, and Prof. Raviprakash MNNIT, Prof. M P Singh NIT Patna, and Prof. Neetesh Purohit contributed to the preliminary discussions.

6) On 23rd Aug 2021, the Senate of NIT Patna  approved joining FAP, in the meeting.